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Welcome to the Hompage of Ning and Nadler. We are two incredibly handsome* High School students, out to earn some money. Who's gonna give us some money? We hope you will. You see, if you give money to the Ning and Nadler fund, we will draw upon our vast pool of talents, to bring you PRIZES. This is our way of saying, THANK YOU for your generosity. Want to find out more about the Prizes? Go Here

You see, many other people have tried to make money this way online. Some have succeeded, but most have failed. The reason? The Reciever gave nothing back to the Giver! We're about to change all that. It's almost like the barter system. But not quite. Infact, it's less like that, and more like donations. With prizes. Yeah. Kind of.


Latest Update - 9/28/03

It's been a while. Nobody is donating. Ning and I have decided to shut down operations. The total is at $23.03 - it was fun while it lasted. As a show of good grace to those who donated, we are going to leave the website up, but not update it. That way, the page of fame will exist until takes it down. Thank you to all who made this way of life a possibility. Good morning, and if we don't see you, good afternoon, and goodnight.
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Donate 50 cents or MORE by clicking on the link below.
OR - Pay us with good ol' cash through snail mail @:
Ning and Nadler
151 Ruggles St.
Westborough, Ma 01581
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